Unique Vision
for Aesthetic Care

Provide Safe Patient Care And Optimal Results

Dr. Swapna Shastri is an internal medicine physician with a level of compassion and understanding you’ll just have to experience to believe. She has always been inspired by her patients and loves learning about everyone she cares for while also providing an exceptional level of medical care.

Passionate About

She is passionate about successful treatment plans and achieving them together. You’ll find she doesn’t believe in the traditional doctor/patient relationship where the patient does as the doctor says, instead she believes in the power of team and support to achieve the most optimal result!

Preventative Healthcare

Dr. Shastri is also very passionate about preventative health care. She truly believes an active lifestyle with routine exercise, healthy diets, regular doctor visits and routine screening can help cease many preventable diseases. Not only does the screening play a role, but talking to a health care professional about any concerns regularly will open up the patient to use many resources available that they may not even be aware of.

My Goal
For Your Visit

From the moment a patient enters the space, the traditional thoughts of how a doctor’s visit fly out the door.” she is committed to giving every single one of her patients the care they deserve. Everyone deserves an open and honest rapport with their doctor, and to feel comfortable talking to their doctor about anything on their mind.

What Our Clients Think

5 Star Reviews

Attentive, knowledgeable, helpful, decisive.

Friendly, attentive, knowledgeable, helpful, decisive. I appreciate Dr. Shastri seeing me on short notice. Thanks!
Douglas R., Verified patient

Very Helpful

Dr. Shastri was kind, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. Very helpful.
Olivia C., Verified patient

Definitely Going to Recommend Her!

She was so nice, personable, and genuinely interested in my care. I am definitely going to recommend her to all of my friends!
Stephanie G., Verified patient